Edaville Food

Tara's Fried Dough Edaville
  • KC’s Café
    Serves a large variety of food, including salads, chicken sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs. Hot and cold beverages are available here as well.

  • Whistle Stop Snacks
    Located adjacent to the platform, it's the perfect place to stop for a quick treat after your train ride. Serving cotton candy, popcorn, beverages and more!

  • The Choo-Choo Barbecue
    This seasonal food establishment is as famous as Edaville itself.
    A variety of full course barbecued chicken meals are available thru Columbus Day.

  • Hobo Eats
    Conveniently situated between the rides down back, the Ice Cream Caboose serves ice cream, Tara's Fried Dough and beverages. It's the perfect diversion on a hot summer day and during our Christmas Festival of Lights enjoy hot chocolate! Enjoy kettle corn and other treats during special events.

  • The Candy Depot
    By the package or by the handful, the Candy Depot has all your favorite sweets.
    A small assortment of Edaville USA souvenirs are also available at this shop, located in the depot building behind Whistle Stop
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