Edaville FAQ

Tickets and Rates

What is the rate structure at Edaville USA?
You can find the rates for the 2014 Season by going to the “Buy Online” tab.

What is included in the ticket price?
The admission ticket during regular days of operation includes unlimited rides on all attractions at Edaville USA, including the train ride. It also includes admission to the museum building, which houses the Ellis’s Playhouse for children and the Cranberry World Experience.

Can I purchase Edaville USA tickets in advance?
Tickets are available to purchase online, by clicking the “Buy Online” tab. In addition, tickets for all of our operating days can be purchased at the gate.

Note: We do recommend that you purchase Day Out With Thomas™ and Polar Express™ tickets in advance, since this is a timed train ride.

Are there discounts available on the ticket prices?
There are group rates available for groups of fifteen or more. For Day Out With Thomas™ discount tickets apply when you purchase 20 or more tickets. We also have promotions available in the community throughout our 2014 marketing campaign. Other discounts for the 2014 season have yet been determined.

Can you purchase a ticket for a specific train departure time or do you have to wait in line for the next train?
There are no tickets available for specific departures except during special, all-reserved events such as Day Out With Thomas™ and Polar Express™. During regularly scheduled operating days, trains are boarded in a first come/first served basis. During the Christmas Festival of Lights, there may be a short wait for the next available train.

Does Edaville USA offer a season pass?
Edaville does offer a season pass, please give us a call for pricing and info 508-866-8190.

Are tickets available online?
Yes, tickets are available online by visiting the Buy Online tab. For Edaville general admission tickets, please visit our online ticket calendar. For the Day Out With Thomas™ event, tickets can be purchased via www.ticketweb.com.

Are group rates available for the "Holiday Festival of Lights"?
Yes, group rates are available for the Christmas Festival of Lights. Please call 508-866-8190 for rates.