Edaville FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions portion of our website! This is a compilation of our visitors' most frequent inquiries. Please select from a category on the left to see if your question has already been asked. Because not every question is suitable for inclusion in the FAQ section, please be sure and leave an e-mail address on our contact page so your question can be answered personally.

The FAQ questions are reviewed weekly, so please do not ask a question that requires an immediate answer. Questions such as "I am heading for Edaville USA in an hour. What is the weather?" or "I plan on going to Edaville this afternoon. How much does it cost?" cannot be answered, but can be found within the appropriate pages on the site. Questions are handled by a volunteer staff who maintain the site and should be answered within 7 days.

If you need immediate answers, please call Edaville USA at: (508)866-8190

Thank you.